A testimonial from a Marine Techniques customer:

Thank you for the very detailed and professional survey you supplied us with on the motor-sailer ‘Lucy’.  We always felt it was a bit of a gamble buying a boat without actually having seen it but we are absolutely delighted with Lucy and because of your comprehensive survey there were absolutely no surprises in store for us. We’ve been out on her several times in and around the Clyde estuary and she is just delightful.

Lucy is of course the second boat you surveyed for me; the survey on the first boat was equally comprehensive and was instrumental in me deciding not to pursue my interest in that boat. Your survey saved me £000s on that occasion on an over-priced in-poor condition boat that only had a passing resemblance to the over-hyped advert.

Because we’ve been looking for a suitable boat for a long time we’ve seen a fair number of surveys. None of them come anywhere near yours in terms of clarity and comprehensiveness. I can also tell you that when I showed Lucy’s survey to a friend he was of the opinion that it must have cost a lot because of the quality of it. When a told him your charges he said that was £150 less than he paid three years ago for a survey that was nowhere near as detailed as yours.

Thanks also Martin for arranging all of the work to be done on Lucy down in Falmouth. You recommended these people and we are very pleased with the quality of their work also.

I have no hesitation in saying that I would recommend your company quite unreservedly to anyone thinking of getting a survey carried out – great customer service, great help and a detailed comprehensive survey at a very fair price.

Thanks again for everything. And if you’re ever up in the Clyde – do let us know as it would good to meet you face-to-face.

Best Wishes

Mike Geraghty