Tonnage Surveys

If you are taking out a marine mortgage for a substantial amount you will frequently be asked to register the boat on Part I of the Register of Shipping, so that the interest of the finance can be noted against it, in the same way as a house mortgage is noted on the Land Registry.

A tonnage survey is required if a vessel is to be registered under Part 1 of the British Registry of Shipping, and the owner who must be British, must sign a Declaration of Eligibility and submit an application form to the MCA, along with proof of ownership.

During a tonnage survey a number of specific measurements are taken and and registration details are recorded. This is used in conjunction with other various documentation to attain a Part 1 registration. Part I registration provides a record of ownership in addition to any outstanding mortgages that may be recorded against that particular vessel.

Marine Techniques surveyors carry out Tonnage surveys on behalf of the YDSA and the MCA.

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