Pre-Purchase Surveys

Before purchasing any boat or yacht a pre-purchase survey is always advisable. The survey is designed to give a clear opinion of the overall condition of the surveyed vessel, together with a detailed breakdown of any defects found.

Frequently the cost of the survey is recovered by a reduction obtained in the purchase price as a result of negotiations following the survey.

A pre purchase survey report is a comprehensive document which can be easily followed. The marine surveyor will identify defects and give recommendations for the remedial work required to repair these defects. All reports carry digital images to illustrate any problems found. Marine Techniques can carry out surveys on vessels constructed from GRP, wood, steel, aluminium, ferrocement and  composite materials.

Surveying GRP hulls

A visual inspection is carried out to the establish the fairness of the hull. Any areas of distortion will be subject to further examination. Percussion testing of the hull both above and below the waterline is carried out to establish any de-lamination. A moisture meter is used at a number of points below the water line. This will give an indication of the uptake of moisture within the laminate. Any defects relating to the gel coat and areas of blistering are subject to scrutiny and an appropriate course of action will be recommended.

Surveying steel hulls

Marine Techniques surveyors will survey a steel hull whether it is a riveted structure or a fully welded assembly. A visual inspection is carried out of the whole structure followed by percussion soundings below the water line. At various points below the waterline ultrasonic testing equipment will be used to identify variation in plate thickness as a result of possible corrosion.

Wooden yacht & boat surveys

A general visual inspection of the entire surface area hull is carried out. This will give a general idea of the fairness of the hull and will identify any distortion that may be present.

The planking and frames will be examined to ascertain any movement or distortion.

Percussion soundings will be taken both above and below the waterline. This will identify any softening of areas that may have started to decay. Further closer examination of suspect areas will be addressed with a bradawl. In certain circumstances fastenings can be removed when it is deemed necessary.


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