Layup & Pre-Launch

An additional package offered by our marine surveyors are a winter lay up inspection and/or a pre launch check.

Our winter lay up package is designed to give the boat owner an indication of any work that will be required over the winter period.

Winter Layup

Some boats may have sustained some damage below the waterline during the season which will only become evident during lift out and lay up.

The surveyor will examine the hull, keel stern gear and engine and will compile a report on any work that may be required.
Comments will be made as to the type of work required, the length of time this may take and an idea of the overall cost.

An end of season schedule of work will be compiled which will include winterisation of the engine or engines and checking of the safety equipment and a report on the findings.

Pre launch checks

Most boat owners will carry out their own winterisation but would like reassurance that their boat will be safe for the forthcoming season.

One of our marine surveyors will give your boat a safety check prior to launch. The items that will be covered are: Engine, rudder, stern gear, propeller, bearings, bow thrusters, keel, standing rigging, running rigging and safety equipment.

An initial verbal report is given followed by a written one to confirm the points that may need some attention prior to launch.

We recommend this check is carried out at least two weeks prior to launch to facilitate any work that may be required.