Engine Inspections

On all pre-purchase surveys an external visual examination of the engine is carried out which will identify any patent defects.

On some craft however, the engines form the greater percentage of the value and it is imperative that the engines are checked more thoroughly. Marine Techniques also have specialist marine engineers who can investigate any suspect internal components.

Marine Techniques have engineers that will check engines in more detail. The engines will be run up to operating temperature, and the water and oil pressures are checked against the manufacturer’s specifications. Defects such as excessive smoke, noise or unusual rattles can be identified.

Any suspicious areas will be reported, indicating further investigation may be required.

Oil sample analysis can be a useful tool in the investigation of engine wear. This can be arranged as deemed necessary.

A report is compiled together with any findings and comments about the overall condition of the engine. This report includes digital images to illustrate the findings.

The full examination of an engine will be costed on size and type.

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